Please join us this upcoming Tuesday, December 9th at the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM for a meet and greet and information session on the upcoming Free lessons through AMP!

Find more information on the meet and greet and application form HERE.

  1. Hello.

    Many people have been wondering about the future of the Abbottsfield Music Program (AMP). The last guitar lessons were given in May, 2015, and we said at that time that we would let the students and parents know when the classes would resume.

    Unfortunately, the guitar lessons at the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre will not resume in the forseeable future. One reason for this is that AMP has not been able to find the reliable volunteers it would need to continue with the lessons. Another reason is that the Board of directors of AMP has been shrinking in number and availability over the last two years, and the remaining Board members have not had enough spare time to do everything necessary to keep the lessons going. AMP sincerely appreciates the generosity and kindness shown to them by the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre Society, and by Ashley in particular.

    AMP has been in negotiations with the Heart of the City Music Program (HCMP) (see their website at http://www.ualberta.ca/~hcpp/) over the last few months, in the hope that we could get their help to continue the guitar lessons at the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre. [Note: HCMP, like AMP, offers free music lessons to disadvantaged children.] However, the HCMP folks were not able to find volunteer guitar teachers who were willing and able to go all the way from the U of A to Abbottsfield to teach (for free). The nearest location to Abbottsfield that HCMP could get their teachers to is the Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre, at 9516 114 Ave. In view of this, AMP advises all interested guitar students and parents to contact the Heart of the City Music Program directly, through HCMP’s website, to secure a spot in the January classes.

    We, the Board of the Abbottsfield Music Program Society, are in the process of dissolving the Society. We would like to thank everyone who donated musical instruments, cash, or their own precious time to our program. All of AMP’s remaining assets will be given to HCMP, to help them continue with the good work of bringing music to underprivileged children in Edmonton. We have asked HCMP to consider bringing guitar lessons back into the heart of the Abbottsfield community, and they will do their best to accomplish this. If you believe that you may be able to help, please contact HCMP (http://www.ualberta.ca/~hcpp/).

    Finally, “thank you” for your encouragement and support over the last three years. With your help, AMP has placed guitars in the hands of twenty-five young musicians in Abbottsfield – and those guitars are now theirs to keep. We delivered guitar lessons to the students from January to May of 2015, via our excellent teachers Kevin Huenison and Ben Williams. AMP also would like to thank past Board member Shauna MacMillan, for her heartfelt contributions to AMP’s cause. Shauna was a founding member of AMP, and she donated her time to teach several of AMP’s guitar students at her home. Finally, we must thank the Field Law firm: their generous donation to AMP allowed us to bring music into the lives of the wonderful children of Abbottsfield.

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